Than You For The Kind Words Nancy

Nancy Pelosi had some kind words for Republicans that supported repeal and replace with something better. “The bill will be tattooed on your forehead and you will glow in the dark” are just a few of the gracious words she heaped on Republicans that care for healthcare.

Personally I would just prefer to wear my BUBBATRUMP hat with the golden bill. As for luminosity, I prefer my luminous words right here in Bubbatrump.

At times I think when it comes to advancing partisanship cooperation, the Democrat leadership is genetically incapable of anything other than fascist hatred. However the kind and understanding words of Nancy has proven me wrong. It is so admirable that Nancy cares about cooperating with the Republicans after the dastardly partisan tactics the Republicans have used in the past. What am I saying? They hate us!

Oh well, just a few more mindless unconstrained words from another hateful politician.


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