Two Out Of Three Is Not Bad

Just thought I would rate the major Trump campaign promises. In no particular order.

Build The Wall, then make Mexico pay for it: First I give the media a failing grade for failing to ask about the big beautiful gate. Trump however gets a just passing grade because illegal immigration is way down. As of right now it appears nobody is paying for the wall. It has been pointed out that Trump himself is the wall. However he can improve his passing grade if he manages an architecturally pleasing wall. Then if the wall is reasonably secure, at least a B grade would be in order. I would be happy to award the Trump administration with a Golden A if a big beautiful gate is part of the wall.

Temporary Ban of Muslims. Absolutely a A! President Trump used precedent created and outlined by the Obama administration to Impose his Ban On Muslim immigrants. Fulfilling a campaign promise of a ban on those who would want to kill us, A ban was crafted using logic provided by the previous administration. It proved to be very temporary. President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise rapidly and effectively demonstrating the reactionary tactics of his opponents. The only issue would be the lack of clarity in understanding of what is going on with those who want to kill us. I still don’t understand the religious motivations of those who think it is OK to kill innocents.

Of course the previous promises were made with a twinkle in the eye. I think most people biased with prejudice missed it. I sincerely believe that you can fool all the people some of the time, in politics it is a prerequisite. Sometimes you get what you need.

Finally I will mention the Big League promise, Repeal and Replace, with Something Better. In actuality this will be the keystone of the Trump Presidency. Obviously this is a work in progress, and I will not make a prediction on the results. So far with things like his appointment of  Judge Gorsuch President Trump has proved true to his word. So when he says “something better” I believe him.

So far, two out of three is not bad. Then about the third I will paraphrase the words of Don Jr. about his father. “Impossible is just the starting point, never bet against him”.



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