The Failure of Demonstration

It was May Day yesterday. Once May Day was a celebration of spring, the fertility of nature. Some people would enjoy the Maypole dance. A ritual where ribbons were wrapped around a pole. Then about a hundred years ago the communist party claimed May Day as a day of workers rights. They replaced celebrating the beauty of spring with demonstrations for the workers. Yesterday the resistance called for a hundred thousand demonstrations against President Trump. Yet there were just a few violent anti Trump demonstrations.

There do seem to be fewer anti Trump demonstrations, it may be because the police have started to arrest the anonymous Black Bloc anarchists. Or it may be that the anti Trump people are just getting tired of protesting. To be sure, I am not celebrating the lack of demonstration. I instead morn the lack of celebrating the fertility of spring. Somehow the joy of celebrating the blooming of nature’s bounty has been replaced with the violence of anarchist hatred with a political motivation.

So I wonder when has demonstration been successful. Some say that the protest of the Vietnam War caused us to loose the war. At best it caused us to quit the war. Protest and demonstration did not reconcile the casualties of war.

There have been many demonstrations to bring awareness to the plight of the African American. Is their plight any better? If anything the demonstrations and protests have become more violent. I am not aware of any statistics that their plight is any better, or worse.

Well, there is one success. A man who organized peaceful protests has a national holiday. It is celebrated on a dark February day when most people have to go to work. In my state it replaced a holiday that was on a bright spring day that was at the time the nations oldest holiday. It was a day that celebrated the death of the state’s governor.

Let me explain the holiday celebration that was lost to protest. In pre revolutionary days the state was ruled by a governor appointed by the crown. For whatever reason the governor became ill. At the time it was believed that if one person did not eat, another person would get better. This was called fasting. So it was declared that a beautiful spring day was to be declared a day of fasting. I really do not know how pious the general population was at the time, or if people really fasted. There could be a possibility that the population feasted, as the governor died. The most peculiar thing is that the next year a day of fasting was once again declared. So I figure that they must have had a really good time. To be honest, I do not really know how or why people celebrated the day. What I do know that the day was celebrated on a really nice spring day. The old timers knew a nice day.

Thanks to the power of demonstration, what was once a nice spring holiday to celebrate the demise of a leader past has become a dreary day of work. This is simply an illustration of the failure of demonstration to improve our plight.




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