Capital Gains

Just a note on my views of the capital gains tax. My view is not a reflection of any other view. It’s entirely my own. Contrary to what others say about me, I have very few political views. Of course I thought Donald J Trump was going to be the next president, that was just an observation, that proved to be correct. At times I am surprised, and am not always correct. However I do not parrot the views of others, and I use a multitude of sources.

Currently the capital gains tax is lower than the standard tax rates. Now the very well to do receive their compensation with options. Thereby paying a lesser rate than people who receive a salary. This is what Warren Buffett talks about when he says he pays less in taxes than his secretary.

Any tax discussion, by either party leaves the the gains tax out of the discussion.


2 thoughts on “Capital Gains

  1. There are no good moral or societal justification for Cap. Gain Taxes. They are entirely justified by revenue generating motives. Of course, if we dropped them, and continued to spend the money we would all have to pay somehow. Sales tax? Value added tax? Higher Income tax? Pick your poison!


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