The Anathema Of The Left

The incestuous relationship between the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media and the Entertainment Industry has resulted in no genetic diversity in their political opinion. That in itself is not wrong. It is the opposition to the diversity of opinion that has caused a problematic genetic regression of the left.

Honestly and morally, even the opposition of diversity of political thought is not wrong. What is wrong is the suppression of diversity of political thought. It is the suppression of political opinion that is morally, and rightfully wrong. When my political signs were stolen, it was wrong. When I was threatened on the highway, it was wrong, when I was yelled at by public officials it was wrong, when I am censored it is wrong.

As far as the Left is concerned it was justified, as their cause is just, and the world is unjust. It is OK to steal a sign, as it is just. It is OK to threaten, as diversity of thought is not to be tolerated. It is OK for public officials to intimidate, because it is for the best for them. These are just my experiences.

When I turn on the TV, or watch the internet, I see many instances of violence being used to suppress thought. Then of course there are the lies, lies and more lies. The Left invented fake news. After dozens of Trump signs disappeared, the county chair complained to the local police and press. The next day the was a front page article about the destruction of Clinton campaign signs. I used to count the signs for fun. It was a simple method of keeping score in my world. The Clinton and Bernie signs were constant. The Trump signs came and went.

I would watch the speeches too. Then the news the next day. So many lies, in front of my eyes. Yet the left lost.

This is why the Left is an anathema. Instead of just one more lie, one more threat, one more act of violence, they have doubled down. A hundred more lies, a thousand more threats, and lots of violence. At this point if they were to happen to tell the truth, I wouldn’t believe them. It is my belief that the Left is genetically incapable of telling the truth.


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