Blue Lives Matter

Last year during a Black Lives Matter rally five police officers were murdered. The president should support the police and give them respect. They have a tough job.

The other day President Trump lighted the exterior of the White House in blue to express his solidarity with the police.

If you have an encounter wIth the police address the officer as “Officer” or “Sir” or maybe even “Mam” though I have not tried that. In doing so you will have established respect. More importantly you will have the full force of the constitution on your side.

To go into an encounter with the police with an negative attitude doesn’t help anyone. I am truly surprised that the police are so tolerant these days.

Of course all lives matter. The only difference between black and blue is ue and ak.


2 thoughts on “Blue Lives Matter

  1. Bubba, this not a one sided issue. You must have seen the video where the cop shoots a guy five times in the back, running away from a traffic stop, the 12 year old kid playing with an Airsoft gun in a park or dozens of others. My personal contacts have all been OK but Sullivan County Sheriff’s Deputies and Newport cops are mostly good guys. Sadly, I’ve spent leisurely Sunday afternoons with Wayne County (Detroit) Deputies laughing and drinking and bragging about scaring-the-shit out of black punks in the rail yards. It looks like open warfare in Chicago and, until recently cops never got disciplined for shooting fleeing cars and claiming “fear for their life”.Yes, many of the various rioters are there for the looting and may because it’s just fun to break things. All things considered, we can’t give cops a free pass but there’s plenty of blame to go around.


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