Another act of terror, this time in Manchester England. It was an attack that targeted children. The death of the eight year old was quite wrenching. Twenty two innocents murdered. Then again, in Chicago there were thirty six murdered to date in just this month of May. Sad to say, the Left would prefer if this news did not exist. I actually watched to see what Rachel Maddow had to say. I was actually surprised when she said that some of the children did not die of terrorism, they died from trampling. As if it was the children’s fault.

President Trump also commented. He surprised me by calling the terrorist a loser. To my surprise the radical Islamic terrorist has been rebranded as a simple loser. The presidents logic was to not glorify the act of terrorism. Something like there is some sort of status to being a Monster Islamic Fighter. Still, I think that being a terrorist is much much much worse than being a loser.

I was also disappointed that the terror attack preempted the coverage of President Trump’s trip. I see small hints of cooperation between the major players. If President Obama had made the same trip, the mainstream media would be absolutely glowing in their coverage. Every word would be pure adulation. Instead, there is almost no coverage of this historic trip by the mainstream. Instead, the false news of Trump and Russian collusion pervades.

Just proves my point that the card carrying Left is genetically incapable of the truth. They’re as rabid about this Russia thing as they were about weapons of mass destruction. You know how that worked out.



One thought on “Losers

  1. You’re right Bubba, there’s a radical progressive core that has become so convinced of their own specialness they cannot accept the idea that they are not in charge. It is worrisome to me that they might recruit enough of the uninformed radical students to actually become a viable threat to our constitutional government. I fear having to stand in my doorway and have to try to fight odd a mob of duped and enraged teenagers.
    On the other hand I see hints of our President pulling together an alliance of mid-east nations plus Russia aligning to begin to defuse Iran and along with it Syria and convincing the Palestinians that is in their best interests to accept the existence of Israel and to reach a compromise that lets them form a Palestinian nation. where one never before existed.


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