An Alter Of Equality


It is known that in Masonic tradition the alter of the Holy Book is shared by all the books of monotheistic religions. If you believe in one God, the book is on the alter in the center of the lodge. In Masonic tradition, one Holy Book is not better than another Holy Book. The Holy Books are treated with equal respect. It is not unusual for multiple books to be on the alter. They represent the faiths of the Masons present.

While I am not suggesting that President Trump is a Mason, and I rather suspect that he is not. I however can’t help but see a certain acknowledgment of Masonic dogma as a focus of this trip. I could go on about Masonic brotherhood and charity, but I will stick with religion. A basic tenet of Masonic faith is the belief in the god of your choice. Not a bad thing. Another basic tenet, we are all brothers, no matter the religion.

It would be fun to look for more Masonic symbolism, however I will leave that to the experts. Just happy, that in a small way America is returning to its roots. It is well known that the founding fathers were Masons.

I did not take the photo above. It is of the alter of the Scottish Rite Temple located in Washington DC. I believe it is open to the public.


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