A Historic Flight

President Trump and Air Force One made what is being described as a historic flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel. It was noted that there were a previously some similar flights. The most notable was President Bush went from Israel to Saudi Arabia. My first thought was, in the previous flights were there some in air flight plan changes. In other words were the flight plans changed in flight to accommodate international protocol.

So there is a very good probability that this flight could very well be the first direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel in a very long time. There has been one well reported flight some time ago. It is reported that Mohammed flew from Mecca to Jerusalem on a winged horse. Talk about a journey for the ages.

I did listen to a good portion of President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. I was impressed. Unfortunately I listened to the speech broadcast on NPR. Within seconds of the speech ending the commentators went negative. I will have to give NPR some points for at least broadcasting the speech in its entirety.

When I had a chance I tuned into Fox to watch some of the coverage of this historic trip. From what I could see, both the leadership of Saudi Arabia and Israel were very enthusiastic about greeting President Trump and his entourage. The Pope will be the next stop on the trip. I hope to see a little bit of him too.

It is a little early to predict an outcome to this journey, the results take time. However the initial impression of this trip is indeed quite impressive. I am thinking that this was very well thought out.


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