A Harvard Education

Recently there was a Harvard study that looked at media bias. It reviewed major news media outlets, and tabulated whether the news stories were either pro Trump or anti Trump. CNN were on the top with 93 percent negative coverage. Fox news grave the most positive coverage with only 52 percent negative coverage. The overall average ended up being 80 percent negative. That compares with the 41 percent negative coverage for president Obama. This study was very much aligned with my observations.

What did the study leave out? How much of the positive or negative news was verifiable false news, or unconfirmed news. It may be hard to do, as much news seemed to be based on anonymous sources. A new phenomenon is how much of the news was not anti politician, but anti voter. News now questions the motivations of the voters, and passes judgement on the voter. This was left out of the survey.

Speaking of voter motivation, I read a couple of studies on racism and voter preferences. It turns out that there is a correlation. People with really strong political opinions are more likely to be racist. I was actually somewhat relieved to find that out. For my political opinions are actually quite moderate. The major reason I like Trump, he is the negotiator. It is not like, I really really really want some ideology. In my view, the feverish ideologues are the anti Trumpers. So the study on racism more or less clears me, and many other Trump supporters. The interesting thing is, the study kind of indictes the media elite as racist. For they have very strong political views.


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