The Special Counsel

Actually I have no problem with the appointment of a special counsel. It is something that the Democrats really, really, really want. When it comes down to it, they are a big part of the Republic. It is what they want above all else.

Actually I am a bit surprised that the Democrats care more about prosecuting President Trump than let’s say, healthcare reform, or tax reform, or immigration reform. President Trump, in my view left the door open for input on these important reforms. Then there are environmental issues, trade issues, economic issues that could use creative debate.

Nonetheless, there is a great chorus from the Left calling for investigation and ultimately impeachment. I believe the Trump campaign was a bit disorganized, but certainly not criminally corrupt. My belief is the special interests that control the Left are not happy that they are not represented in the current administration. But that is just my view. I do know people that believe President Trump is to liberal, and would really prefer Mike Pence as president. So as far as they are concerned, bring it on. It is not entirely impossible that the false news could bring on false evidence. That being said, I do have confidence in the process. Who am I to say what the reality in Washington is.

Finally, if there is a time for public input in the investigation, I do have a couple of questions about certain news items. I questioned the news at the time, but I would be really curious if the news was real or fake.

Bring it on!


One thought on “The Special Counsel

  1. Sadly, I think all news is little biased now. I watch the broadcast news and the cable outlets but also read openly biased newsletters and online newspapers as well. Altogether I think I can filter out most of the BS. It seems to me that the religious Democrats who continue to worship Saints Obama and Hillary just can’t come to terms with their failure so they are looking for a scapegoat to take the blame.


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