The Effluent Overflows

Of course there are leaks out of D.C. Nothing is capable of containing all the effluent being pumped in from various special interest groups, lobbying organizations, and people that want to control the narrative. The media is a most willing accomplice, and is adding massive quantities of wretched malodorous effluent.

President Trump refers to the leaking cesspool as a swamp. He is being much to kind in his description of the cesspool that is otherwise known as our nation’s capital. The capital is so overrun with effluent it is impossible to find the clean and shiny bright truth anywhere. Every leaked word is contaminated with malfeasance from officials that stay in the shadows. None, should be trusted as truth.

The Press has proven to be genetically incapable of telling the truth. After years of spinning the truth, the media has become totally incapable of reporting anything objective, or connected to reality. They have become a self serving corrupt shill for their own propaganda.

I may be a bit off the rails here, and my words may be strong, but I have seen nothing constructive in the media this week. I like others, am reacting to what I see hear and read. On the positive side, my reaction is absolutely nothing compared to the black shirted fascist actions of the political left. They have no problems with the suppression of the freedom of speech, endorsement of felonious activities over endorsement of law and order.

The sad part, there are so many opportunities to make a positive contribution to the national dialog. Trump’s beautiful gate is an open invitation to immigration reform. Trump’s demand that the European Union pay two percent of their gross domestic product for defense, why don’t we pay the same amount. What would be the benefits of cooperation with Russia, anything economic. What would be the effect of a flat twenty percent tax, for everything, with a fifty thousand dollar deductible. These are questions unanswered by the media.

It is true that there are segments of the right that can be unreasonable. There have even been a couple that have thrown a blow or two. They however do not engage in targeted violence against their fellow citizens. Instead, the whole of the Left is simply obsessed with, and promotes hate. Genetically they resemble single cell organisms, the kind that thrives in our effluent cesspool that is Washington D.C. The results will be predictable.

[Edit: shortly after I wrote this, I see two men died defending a woman in a vail from a racist. A female celebrity holds up a bloody representation of President Trump’s head ISIS style. The media IS promoting racist behavior when they insist people are racist]


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