The Glowing Orb Knows All

President Trump, Saudi King Abdulaziz, Egyptian President Al-Sisi all placed their hands on an illuminated globe during the opening ceremony for a new “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology” in Ridyah Saudi Arabia.

The center presumes to stop the threat of growing extremism. The globe is meant to shine light for all. This is represented by the leaders placing their hands, together, on the light of the world. Who knows, maybe it will work. At least it is an attempt to atone for past sins. A valid and positive thing in my opinion. I am willing to give it time to see what happens.

The Washington Post wrote that the “Glowing Orb is the embodiment of all evil” The New York Times stated “A mysterious glowing orb is exerting uncanny power over the world’s social media” My local morning news had a series of strange mimes about the”Orb”. Of course I had to look up what they were talking about.

The glowing orb is located at an intelligence center, so it must know all. That’s what I say. I wonder if most people, who just watch the news know what the “Glowing Orb” represents. Or if they just think President Trump is Satan. Personally I don’t think that the media is very informative. They seem to disseminate disinformation rather professionally.


One thought on “The Glowing Orb Knows All

  1. The mainstream media doesn’t give a sh*t about being informative. They come into their jobs after being brainwashed in college but now all they care about is putting up images that will attract eyeballs.


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