Stafford Green

There is only one name I remember from grade school. My friend Stafford Green. I probably wasn’t the easiest person to be a friend of. I would disappear into the country during the summer, and come back with a country accent. That was considered uncool. I had another limitation, I needed glasses and nobody seemed to notice.

I was strongly nearsighted. I could not discern faces. Back in school today I see everyone wearing masks we cannot see their faces. When I was 16 I went to get a driver’s license, they would not let me have a license unless I read a sign on the wall. I told them the sign was to far away. They told me to get glasses.

Even though I can now see I still can’t tell people apart. My friends are typically, a bit different. Names are very, very hard for me. I think I may have missed out on something by not recognizing people when I was young. So when when someone says wearing masks can retard development, I have a tendency to agree.

Is there a period of time during development when the brain recognizes faces and assigns names, or on some people does the brai just not get it. When I was growing up my father just could not remember my friends names so it could just be genetic.

so when I went out to the school yard to play, I could always find my friend Stafford. He was black.


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