It’s Your War

Remember when your view of politics was filled with hate? Any view other than yours was deplorable, if not much worse. Yes, I remember the the names you called me. I can easily recall the re-education camps you sent me to. Of course we have now come to the logical outcome. War.

It is so sad, and predictable. Sure you will deflect blame, it is what you do. It is the nature of a control freak. Maybe I should be a little more specific on whom I am talking about. I am talking about those that disproved of my political views. As I have chronicled, discussions were not allowed. If you had an alternative view, and were willing to accept my view, and discuss the differences, you are exempt from my blanket condemnation.

When it comes to Liberalism, I think different. I may be part of your world, but I do not believe. I do not believe because the outcome is cruel unjustified war. We could be making our own energy, yet we insist on buying energy to support injustice. You make up your own selfish rules to benefit yourselves at the expense of others.

Simply, when everything is a lie the truth cannot be tolerated. That is where we are operating today. However it is evident that word salad just does not cut it. The world is filled with good and bad people. When the bad people are in charge, bad things happen. That is judgment passed.

You may say that I should have told you. I tried to say, yet your mind was made up. I have my limits. I would not go past them. Could be I am a bad communicator. However I am not in charge. There should have been some clear communication that war is a bad thing. There was not.

Of course actions speak louder than words. Currently the high price of oil supports war. The price of oil is artificially high. Think about those that cause the price of oil to be high. I know a fellow with five degrees, and that is what he does. The bad people are in charge. That makes me feel bad. Bad things are happening.


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