The View From The Top

On the back of the dollar bill, if there still is such a thing, is an image of a floating pyramid with an eyeball on top. What does it mean? The influence of secret society? Or, much more simply, we are all stones that support the view from the top. We, as a country, are represented by the view from the top. It is why we are concerned about what the president sees. Even more importantly, what he, or soon she, looks at.

What leaders look at is telling. For it is what they care about. For example, do they look at ice cream cones, high end real estate, or the color of one’s skin. Maybe they are looking at the family legacy or the power of the dollar. It could be simply they are looking at the power of the pen. Some see the power of the stage, or a simple home. Occasionally someone may just fall into the job. Retribution or political gain is all some see. Then again it could just be all about good looks and personality. That is about as far back as I go, this is just my view on what I think they thought about. Before then war is what it was all about. Could be my life is coming full circle.

What our leaders see motivates the direction of of the country. When they are running for the office try and pay attention to what they are looking at. For what they care about effects us all. That is if we still have a choice in the matter.


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