The Saber Not Rattled

About a month ago I had one of those oh oh moments. The Russians had been moving troops to the border of Ukraine. I did not think to much of it. Putin was known for testing the waters. A few counter moves would put him in his place. It was a traditional ritualistic Saber Rattling. The most famous resent example was Trump and Kim Jong-Un. My button is bigger than your button.

I found it odd that there was no counter saber rattling. The news was full of excuses. Ukraine was not part of NATO. Germany needed Russian oil. Russia had the bomb. Putin was rattling his saber and we, with the biggest Saber were silent. This was not going to be good. Someone needed to say to Putin that this was going to be a really bad idea. For whatever reason, nobody did.

Those that blame others are usually to blame. That goes double here. I usually try not to say bad things about people, and their views. I have been ridiculed for my political views many more times than I can count. So I really do not want to stoop to that level. What I will do is question whether they have the genetic capacity for intelligence.

We are in a slow decline, inflation, supply chain issues, rising crime, and now war. Yet it is always someone else’s fault. I make myself a cup of coffee in the morning and go to work. Life is still good. I hope that those that continue to blame others take notice. Hate is war, and war is not the solution.


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