The Riots Continue

I am afraid of riots, they signal the end of civilization. Over the summer there were hundreds of riots. Mostly in Democrat cities. Many were planned, with the tact approval of liberal politicians. I am sure the secretive Soros foundation had a hand in preparation. Yes it is called the Open Society foundation. It is the second largest charity in the country, second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Open Society invests in political activism, with more money than Donald J Trump.

Joe and company built a wall around Washington D.C.and all the State Houses. Said the Trumpers were going to start an armed insurrection. I do not really mind it when people tell me what I am thinking, except when they are wrong. I find it especially deplorable when they accuse me of bad thoughts, that they themselves are thinking. Some things I am not capable of doing. Why do they say what they do?

So Antifa attacked the Democratic party building in Portland. There were also a few other small Antifa riots. I did not see any Trump violence during the inauguration. So unlike what happened four years ago. Were we promised that the riots would stop if Joe was elected? I heard more than on commentator say that very thing. Now they tell us that the Trump people will be rioting. With all the riots in the last year, there was only one glorious riot with Trump’s name on it. The Capitol riot. It was the only riot that did not target innocent civilians and property. The Trump riot targeted the corrupt politicians of this country. The riot failed. The guilty will be prosecuted, it is over. I am only sad that innocents had to suffer. Yet with all the other riots, much was condoned, and very little prosecuted. So many more innocents suffering. It is sad.

I paid slight attention to the inauguration, hoping I would hear “Build Back better”. Nope did not hear it. Some nice young lady in yellow did read a poem though. Not really interested in staying tuned in. Yet I am sure I will hear it. I wonder how many people watched the Biden inauguration versus the Trump inauguration? Yes I will include the TV viewers in that number. It would only be fair. From what I understand the drone show was pretty good, I will have to see if I can find it.


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