I Believe In Budda

Spin a wheel, and your good. Fly a flag, and you’re good. Rim a bowl till it sings, and you’re good. I really do not know much about Buddhism, however it seems like a simple religion. Bow to a pleasantly plump fellow and you’re good.

Having been betrayed by the media I need some solace. I am sure others will have their ways, yet I will turn to Budda. Never mind the words, they are on the wheel. Spin the wheel and I am good. Never mind the words, they are on the flag. Fly the flag, and I am good. Never mind the words, they are on the bowl, I can make the bowl sing. So I am good. I like that logic. I need the solace.

Of course I am just one betrayed deplorable. Others will have different reactions to being called deplorable, and worse. Being called a deplorable enough times may actually cause deplorable behavior in some people. Being told what your thoughts are may cause irrational thinking. So what is Karma? I am not sure. Some suffer that should not have. My heart goes to them. Yet others, it may have been Karma. To wilfully cause suffering may be cause for suffering. It is just so sad that others had to suffer, just so a few could experience a brief moment of Karma.

I do know the words say, but I believe they say to be compassionate, love and be a good person. Be free and kind. Maybe someday I will find out. However I am sure that the words don’t say hurt people and break things.

Be a good person, spin the wheel, fly the flag, sing the bowl. Do not cause suffering. My words for today.


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