Treason is trending. December 18th my Senator Jeanne Shaheen said something like. These who refuse to acknowledge our free election are bordering on treason. Then again on December 31st Shaheen said any challenge to The results of Biden’s victory was outrageous and it borders on treason.

I actually have not heard of a single person who voted for Biden, I only know people that voted for or against Trump. I have read about many allegations of election irregularities. I do not know if they are true, Yet to question is to be treasonous? I am not a constitutional scholar, however it is my understanding there were procedures in place that culminate on the sixth of January. To subjugate the constitutional process in place would be? I fully expected that the fix was in and the results would be to Senator Shaheen’s satisfaction.

I believe treason is punishable by death, so I dare not question the results of the election. However I question if Senator Shaheen is actually upholding the constitution. What are the ramifications if she is not?

I also find her distrust of the process to be questionable. More importantly her distrust of the process mirrors the same distrust of process that caused the protesters to storm the capital on the sixth of January. Coincidence? Most importantly, why are only some that distrusted the process being prosecuted. I also question are the right people being prosecuted?


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