Deplorables acting Deplorably

The imagery was epic. Crowds of of deplorables waving Trump and American flags inside the halls of the nations capital. Historically epic. What does it mean. Let me ponder.

Trump rallies have become flag waving affairs. There has always been the threat of violence to those participating ever since the inauguration. To participate in a Trump Rally is to risk being shot in the head. It has happened. The risk is low because of the safety in numbers, however Trump supporters have been being beat up and killed for a while. It is a fact. To participate in a Trump Rally has a risk of danger.

During the summer their were many protests, riots, violence and deaths. Realistically they were all politically motivated and supported, albeit surreptitiously. Trump rallies did not knock down statues of burn down buildings, or look to incite violence. I know people will disagree with the last bit. However it takes someone to provoke the limited violence that happens at a Trump Rally. The few instances are well repeated. The Juneteenth protests had massive violence that hurt so many innocent people. Compare the reactions.

So I think no-one truly expected violence from the Trump side. It was expected that there would be violence against the Trump people, there always has been. Yet the Trump people so much believe in their cause, they were willing to accept the threat of violence against them.

The FBI is looking for forty people for committing violence in the capital. I have seen some reports that some individuals are affiliated with White Supremacy, Q-Anon, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Unsurprisingly the Trump Rally was infiltrated, such things happen. I saw one video where the crowd was urging that the window not be broken, I have no idea if the soundtrack was added later. If what I read was correct. Desperate groups were united under the Trump banner. Give that a moment to sink in. They all knew the risks of their actions. Reportedly most were just caught up in the moment.

I saw a dramatic moment to the end of an era. Trumpism was dead. Nothing changed, Trump failed. Nothing left except retribution. I wondered if I was going to loose my job. I shook his hand once. I could loose friends too. Cancellation is real, and there would be more reason than ever. I was hoping that build back better would be my saviour, yet I am not so sure. Being sad, I did not want to talk about it. It was over.

I went back to work. I work in a very liberal establishment. They have MSNBC on the TV. I do not talk about politics, I value my job. I did let slip once that I had shook his hand. It was the wrong thing to do. I was labeled. It is true, I am a deplorable.

There are two wrongs. The first is to tell people what to think. The second wrong is to tell people what they are thinking. Yet these wrongs are rewarded with Pulitzer and other awards. They think they know what I think. Yet They are so wrong.

When I am at work I do not think about politics. Politics is a free time type of thing, I thought we lost. That is it. It is over. Of course they wanted talk about politics, for hours. The same rhetoric, over and over. I said you won, it’s over. They were not happy. They realized they had disenfranchised seventy million voters. I was surprised to hear that. Granted I was only talking to two people. I said Joe can handle it. He has the House and the Senate, he can do what he wants. I felt that I just wanted to be done with politics. They thought the violence would continue. They expected it to happen again. I thought to myself that I had always heard about the upcoming civil war from the left first.

I write about politics, it is what I do. I Tap on my kindle to relieve stress. Maybe that is why I do not swear. I have heard so many lies over the years that I have to write what I think. I will not let people tell me what I think. I may be wrong, in fact I am sure I have been wrong at times, yet I am right when others are wrong. I realize that my words could be used against me. However they may also save me. My desire was for dialog, yet that has not happened. I do not trust people politically, yet everything I write is in public domain. Does it seem like thinking for yourself is a crime? Have you ever thought that?

I went home thinking, they do not think it is over. I have recently written that the rich get what they want. If that is the case it is not over.

So what does it mean? I am thinking of the imagery. So epically historic. So spontaneous. What did you see if you did not see defeat? I had saw defeat, but now I have to think again. I will put my final thought at the end, in bold print. I have written many things, some inflammatory, and some not. I am not sure where I am going from here. Maybe I will say maybe, or not. Then there is my code word. Bubatrump. I write and have thoughts that I articulate. I actually think that I do not articulate very well, however I do better than other people I know. If I am told what I am thinking, and want to disagree I might say Bubbatrump. I do not know if this is positive or negative. Yet it this is my thought. What I saw in the historically iconic movement illustrated is…

Rebellion Against Vassel Fascism


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