A Sad Day

I watched a bit of the news today, and it is a sad day. I am against violence and the destruction of property. Yet both happened in the nation’s capital today. It is true that there were thousands gathered to support our president, yet I knew that as soon as darkness fell the bad elements of society would prevail. I am pretty much against protest, it really serves no purpose. Yet I admire the flag waving supporters. One is right, the other is wrong. Yet They were standing side by side today. I hope that the ones that were wrong are prosecuted. They deserve to be prosecuted, as do any that engage in violence and vandalism.

Another reason to be sad is they never gave President Trump a chance. I really do not know the reason for this, other than simple use of hatred to achieve power. The liberal establishment loved Trump until he started winning. Then they turned on the hate. These people eat their own. Stay away. It is a sad day.

Actually the answer is rather simple. Money gets what it wants.


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