Hyper Joe

I wish I had a cup of coffee with that much energy. Before the election Joe Biden was hard pressed to make a fifteen minute speech. Trump called him sleepy Joe, and nobody argued. In his first week Joe reportedly signed 22 executive orders. In his first week Trump signed 4 executive orders. Joe is doing a lot more than undoing Trumpism. A bit of me is just hoping that this is how build back better works. Yet I do not understand why they are letting guys compete in girls sports. Or why we will be better off if the price of gas goes up.

For some, Hyper-Joe Biden was unexpected. True, he was expected to undo the hated Trump legacy. Some expect Joe to punish Trump, and his hated supporters. The more canceled the better. Yes, I am a bit nervous. Though nothing has happened to me, yet. Trump was the same before and after the election. Joe, well a different Joe emerged. In retrospect Joe’s low energy campaign consisting of the simple message of “Trump Bad” made sense. Why campaign when you know the fix is in.

Elections have consequences. There are winners and losers. That is why we vote. I have reinvented myself before, and I can reinvent myself again. Hate will not be part of my picture. I will fit in, if allowed. Hoping for equity as they say. Cancel hate is my motto.


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