Trump Is Still Your President

A few people have mentioned the second impeachment. My initial reaction is that it is fake news. My first thought is you cannot remove Trump from office because he is not in office. My second thought is the supreme court is not involved. Some senator is impersonating the judge. In essence, a show trial.

However the inquires got me thinking. I checked the CNN website a few times. Always their was a picture of Trump, or his name in the very lead. Funny, I thought Joe Biden was in charge. Nope. As they say Trump was living rent free in their heads. Me I am waiting to hear more about “Build Back Better” I had thought Trump lost the election .

Let’s just say impeachment fails. That would indicate that they were unable to remove President Trump from office. So would that mean Trump is still your president? From what I read the vote will happen latter today. So when it comes right down to it, I expect nothing will happen. It is all fake news. Trump is not your president after all.

Currently I do not participate in politics. My commentary is somewhat brief. My opinion is we live in a fascist society, and I just want to get along. So I rarely express my views. The power of hate and rage is strong. I truly miss the times when discourse was not confrontational. I guess those times are not the norm. The those times were a brief, though wonderful aberration. Memories that I cherish.

I am not smart enough to know all there is to know about politics. Those that think they do, they frighten me.


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