January 6th Revisited

When I was younger I remember the Gwangju Uprising in Korea. Rioters, who were called students fought in the streets against police. People would film the riots from tall buildings. They were then broadcast on American TV. I was impressed by the orderliness of the demonstrations. The police had Plexiglas shields helmets and batons. The students would use Molotov cocktails against the police. When they did the students would advance. Sometimes the police would use tear gas to push back the students. Then the police would gain ground. Most of the time it was just violence in the streets. Fists against batons. A raging mob pushing back and forth. That was the flashback in my mind when I saw the images from January 6th.

What struck me (pun intended) about the Gwangju Uprising was the violence was confined to the streets. Parked cars seemed immune to the violence. Plate glass shop windows were not boarded up. They did not need to be. Windows were not being broken. The contents in the shops were safe. Yes there was violence in the streets. From what I understand thousands died. Yet the violence was between the students and the police.

Back in the 1960’s this country had many riots. Nothing was safe, stores were burned. Cars were destroyed. Violence was random. I was very young then, those riots were disturbing. For some reason the random violence of that era returned in 2020. Violence designed to induce fear. Unlike the violence of the 1960’s history was also targeted. Statues were torn down. History was being denied. Our riots were unlike the Gwangju Uprising.

January 6th is yet to be defined by history. Of course people are trying to define it to their benefit. That is what the second impeachment was all about. My first thought was it will be something like Guy Fawkes Day. A failed insurrection. At least that is what the media wants us to believe. Yet there are significant differences. Guy wanted to blow up the system. Literally. His insurrection was carefully planned. It was also done in secret.

The Trump event on January 6th was quite the opposite. It was completely open. The weapons were limited to flag poles and bear spray. The purpose was to raise voices to influence due process, not to undo it. It was believed that there were legitimate concerns about the certification of the vote. Then things got out of control. The similarity to Guy Fawkes Day? The wrath of the mob was actually directed towards governmental oppressors. The innocents were left out. This was something completely different than any previous riot in this country. In another first, Trump’s name was all over it. The imagery was spectacular, and unprecedented.

So what are the ramifications from the 6th? Five trumps supporters died. Add them to the body count of Trump supporters. Yes the officer that died was a Trump supporter. He may or may not have been hit on the head with a fire extinguisher. Reportedly there is no mention of contusion in the autopsy. Some windows and benches were destroyed. They can be replaced. No historic statues or paintings were harmed. A bunch of police were hurt. Yet the real result, a lot of members of the Congress and Senate became scared. Very scared. History was being made, not destroyed.

So my view, the Gwangju Uprising was epic. Something that changed the world, for the better. The January 6th Trump event seems to me to be something similar, a combination of violence and respect. Could it be equally epic? Still way to early to tell. As I said before I think it is the end of the Trump era. Yet Trump lives, he is what people talk about. TDS is real, why I do not know. Actually my current thought is TDS is just used as simple justification warning for a new era of oppression. Our new masters are using technology to keep us down. Time will judge.


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