A Few Words

Sometimes words are written, that should not be. Sometimes we agree to disagree. A standard for one may not be for another. Who is to judge? Most importantly, is the standard consistent?

For example, the media, the arbitrators of our standards considers “Be Better” to be a fine example of loving words spoken by a loving person. However “Be Best” are considered to be hateful words spoken by a hateful person. Most people can be better, only a few can be best. But when it really comes down to it. Most people can be best at something.

So words really don’t matter. When it comes to the reviewer, what matters are not the words, but whom is speaking the words. Some say words matter. Really? No perceptions matter. Or is it really preconceptions matter.

Some words are bad. Very bad. We do not use them in polite company. It should be the desire of all to use words that don’t inflame. Even if they don’t matter. So I will end with a few words, that don’t really matter.

It’s the Hypocrisy Sweetheart ; )


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