The 4th Debate

The last time I watched a complete presidential debate I was sitting in a Alvar Aalto Tank chair. That debate was between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. That debate shaped my views for many years. Thanks to a number of invitations from Donald Trump and his staff, I attended a local debate watching party. I had a blast. My thanks to all that put it on. Donald was reserved but insistent on following the rules of law when it comes to immigration. Ben was extremely eloquent when he came to expressing his views. John was the bully of the evening, however he seemed to have the best grasp of economics. Unfortunately he had the tendency to make  his best points after the bell. Carly once again had a lot to say about taxes. Jeb was his usual thoughtful and polite self.  As a welder, I really beg to differ on Morcos view of welders wages. I would really like to make the wages of a philosopher. Maybe that is why I am doing this blog?

I have to say I agreed with most of what was said. When it came to the finer points of disagreements between the candidates, I enjoyed the split screen. My favorite question about wealth inequality went unanswered. That would be the difference between the capital gains rate and the income rate. Essentially, people that make their money from paper gains pay less of a rate than people that work for their income.



Not much civility in politics it seems. I guess our system is like the House of Commons. Of course you do not get on Saturday Night Live with civil discourse. Additionally Bubba does not like the label “Hate”. Bubba don’t hate.  As far as MUD slinging, see my previous definition of MUD.

Bubba Trump does some Mowing


Donald Trump will mow down the Politicians  and create a level playing field. IMHO

Well that is the analogy that  I am using, This particular mower would do any bubba proud. It is a recently acquired Toro 455D. It is about twenty years old and most recently spent time on a golf course near the coast that started growing condos. The best part, it has a ten and a half foot cutting swath. A real powerhouse, just like Donald Trump. Well actually Donald probably has a much finer fleet of much newer machines. That is why I am a Bubba and he is the Trump.


The Commercial

So far Donald Trump has not bought any commercial airtime. He has maintained his lead in the polls with the simple power of his name. That lead is slipping. I think Mr. Trump thinks he can manipulate the media and keep his name in the news without buying any airtime. I am hugely impressed that he has come this far without doing so. Of course he can afford to, and I suspect that he will do so. Not everybody watches Saturday Night Live.

One reason not to buy airtime is to not support MUD-PAC (that would be the Media Union Democrat – Political Alliance Cabal). The MUD-PAC sales pitch is to buy air time and they will spread your message, as you see fit. Whether you are selling cheerios, cars or political candidates, millions of people will get your message. Buy enough, and editorial content may also be influenced. How many times have I seen Hillary and the young girl talking about equal pay for women. Buying commercial airtime is essential for members of MUD-PAC to maintain their wealth and power.


About 7% of the US population use Twitter. Most members of the media use twitter, or at least they talk about it. The media say Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is rather sophomoric. Enough said.

Trump Gate

So far the biggest criticism of Donald Trump’s vision for America is the Mexican wall and the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants.  The logistics of actually transporting 11 million people out of the country would be quite a challenge. I do not believe he would actually try round up folks and deport them, I suspect that it would be done by proxy. I do recall that Donald Trump said in his first debate that his wall would have the biggest fanciest gate that you have ever seen. It would be this gate that would facilitate the actual LEAGLE immigration of people. The KEY to the gate would be lawlessness  will not be tolerated.