Hillary & Bernie Town Hall

Watched the town hall last night, I would vote for Bernie over some of the Republicans running.

Hillary does not like Republicans. Hillary has no problems taking money from big money. Hillary absolutely believes in global warming, has nothing nice to say about those that do not.  I am a nice guy who happens to be a Republican that does not really believe in global warming. (I can give explanation) It is obvious, Hillary does not like me.

Bernie on the other hand, takes no big money, said nothing bad about Republicans, and would probably like me as a person. My only disagreement with Bernie Sanders is with global warming. I am hoping that the Trump can make a deal we both can live with.

15 Seconds

Why I like Trump in Fifteen seconds.

  1. He is a very successful business man. (Most of his money comes from golf courses)
  2. He is self funding his campaign, and is beholden to nobody. (He can not be bought)
  3. He is a master of the media. (Might even overcome media bias)
  4. He is delivering a very impressive campaign for very little money. (He has more to spend)
  5. He has a firm handshake, and wants the job. (Really, who wants that job?)
  6. He is honest, and speaks his mind. (No kidding)
  7. He likes to make deals. (Really really big deals)
  8. He can make more jobs. (He has been making jobs for a long time)
  9. He will use his abilities to work for us, Americans. (He has made a great company)
  10. He wants to make America Great. (I say Greater, we are great)