The Handshake

I have shaken many hands. I have shaken hands to seal a deal. Shaken hands when looking for a job. Shaken hands during social introductions. When in manufacturing I shook many a hand of job applicant. Also I have shaken hands with a few politicians.

At the Claremont Trump rally I and a few other supporters had the opportunity and privilege to shake Donald Trump’s hand. We waited for a time in a small room until he arrived. I thought about how should I shake his hand, and the meaning of the handshake. Mentally I figured just to go for the simple handshake. Then the time came and I was ushered up to Mr Trump. He extended his hand, I looked at his hand grasped it and shook several times. I exclaimed “A Firm Grasp” as I went to look him in his eye. As soon I glanced he snapped around and looked at the camera with a proud thumbs up and one of the most practiced smiles I have ever seen. I quickly followed suit. At some point his photographer will send me a photo.

It is not every day that I get to shake the hand of someone with Donald Trumps stature. It was a warm firm handshake, and on reflection, it was the ernest handshake of someone wanting a job.


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