The Robert Frost Homestead

Last summer my wife decided she liked Donald Trump, so I signed up on his website for more information. I went to a couple of information meetings and attended the debate watch get togethers. I was named a town chair and even had my photo taken with Donald Trump at one of his rallies. It was all good. Then I received emails that they wanted me to make phone calls on Donald’s behalf. I do not like receiving phone calls, let alone making them. So I replied that like Donald Trump I was going to take the road less traveled ( this is generally a reference to Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken ). It was my plan to take the Trump Truck on a two day tour of the State. During my tour I stopped at the Keene office to pick up some signs for a friend. They were thrilled that I had stopped, I related how much people love the Trump Truck. My next stop was the Robert Frost homestead, I thought the poem “Mending Wall” was also appropriate for the campaign. At the farm I took a selfi and sent a copy to Denise at the Keene office.


When I was at the Keene office I asked about an invitation to meet Donald Trump at the Office, turned out to be Donald Jr would be there the next day. I would return!


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