Off The Reservation?

Funny, in my last post I compared myself to a declining minority that is under the influence. Kind of an allegory of the media perception of the Trump campaign. So what Does Hillary say? I am used to dealing with men who are off the reservation. Dang it, I am sitting in my teepee consoling myself for being relegated to loser status.

Sure Donald Trump attacks his opponents, however I do not see him attacking the supporters of his opponents. However Donald’s condemnation of terrorists and illegal criminals is viewed misogynist.

Trumps victory depends on the realization that we are all the same, and we should all be treated equally. To divide the electorate is a sure path to losing.


2 thoughts on “Off The Reservation?

  1. I’m confused, my understanding of misogynists is an irrational dislike of women. It seems clear that that describes Trump but his, and my, dislike and distrust of Hillary has way more to do with her dishonesty and opportunism than her gender.


  2. That is my point. Trump wants a big beautiful gate to Mexico, and people say he hates Hispanics. The machine of the opposition paints the answer to their goals.


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