Abominable Obama

Wow, is all I can say. A sitting president calling for the removal of a presidential candidate. Simply to favor  a candidate of his own choice. I wonder why Obama simply does not have Trump arrested on some Trumped up charge.

Really compare Trumps qualifications with that of President Obama when he took office. Compare people hired, budgets balanced, media presentations, buildings built, and golf courses played.

No comparison really, Obama the junior Senator with a good speech, versus an accomplished developer, with an established media presence. The only thing Obama had going for him was the loyalty of the media, and that is huge. Do you really think that Obama can maintain that media frenzy for three more months? So the media says that they do not care for all of Trumps bashing of his opponents, so what do they have now. The President bashing Trump.

Abominable Hypocrisy.


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