Co2 Fun

Some folks believe Co2 will affect everything in the world, and some folks do not. Unfortunately the discussion has somehow become political. This has the result of degenerating science. I have found that the most ardent believers of global warming do not know the most simple scientific facts about carbon and the atmosphere. When asked they usually ramble off on an obscure discussion that ends up with a story about a glass in the sky. Talk about the Holy Grail.

So the facts. When you burn a gallon of gas, you create eighteen pounds of Co2. At the same time you remove twelve pounds of oxygen from the atmosphere. So you have essentially added six pounds of atmosphere for every gallon of gas. Or simply, turning liquid to gas.

Every year we increase the Co2 in the atmosphere by one part per million, presumably due to mans activity.  So we have increased the thickness of the atmosphere by approximately 333 parts per billion. That make the atmospheric “blanket” slightly thicker. Those are the facts.

Next we the historic coincidence that the Co2 levels in the atmosphere roughly correlate with atmospheric temperature. We really do not know if there is a direct cause and effect relationship. At least I have not seen proof, to me it seems no more than a hypothesis. Myth Busters once took a box of Co2 and with a lamp and a thermometer and compared it to a box of normal atmosphere. The box of one hundred percent Co2 was very slightly warmer than the atmosphere. In reality, if the Co2 in normal atmosphere was increased by one part per million, the result would be immeasurable.

Some things that I do not know, how do the temperature of other planets compare with earth? The actual ability of Co2 to retain heat versus Oxygen?  How much do scientists actually make by affirming the reality of global warming? Are trees really happier with more Co2 in the atmosphere?


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