Ego and Power

Let me get down to the reason Donald wants to be President, and the reason he would be a good one. Three letters, EGO. Donald has built an empire on his name, an empire that he is very proud of. However the empire is built on leases, and leases are a temporary thing. There is a permanence in history of being president. When the time comes to renegotiate the leases, probably after Donald has passed, there will be an advantage of a Presidential legacy.This is why he will be a good president, it will be his legacy he will be most concerned about. He will understand that the people will be the judge.

Hillary is more concerned about power, it is her ideas that are better than any others. It is her mission to conquer and subjugate. It would be her legacy to set the agenda to her views, or more likely the views of the highest bidder. Quid Pro Quo


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