Round One

In the first half hour Castro and Delaney offered up some sort of  policy. The others just appeared angry, however everyone agreed that the government should provide health car and abortion. No real mention on how to pay for or implement universal healthcare.

In the second segment, the anger continued. It was about immigration, Castro tried to make a point, however I did not understand it. The conversation quickly devolved though it seemed that they wanted everyone to be a citizen. Lots of anger directed at the President.

So my question is who is incentivizing the people attempting to cross the boarder?

Next segment is about Iran. Oops commercial break, what the heck, I will check for Trump tweets. President Trump mentioned how Australia handles immigration. Then he tweeted “Boring”. So we know how he feels.

after the break the moderators tried to change the subject to guns, however there was some sort of technical difficulty with the microphones.

Good God, what a train wreck. It is proven when Democrats are in charge gun sales to up. When Republicans are in charge gun sales to down. What a bunch of violence loving fascists. The momentum is amazing, and they are right off the rails.

Cory Booker did mention having a gun license, not sure what to think about that.

Personally I think that Elizabeth Warren will get the nomination, however she is one angry person. As are they all are.

Climate change is the next topic. Finally someone said the truth, “The Democrat party has to reconnect with the working people, or nothing will happen” . Sadly I did not get his name.

I will say the moderators asked some good questions. Unfortunately the answers were weak. Like this paragraph, just a bunch of words with no real meaning.

Biggest cheer line was the answer to the question “What is the biggest threat to the United States?” The answers were climate change, nuclear weapons, China and Iran, but the biggest cheer was for Donald Trump. No that was not a nice cheer.

So far my favorite has been Congressman Tim Ryan, however that is just me. The others were much more angry, I am sure the Democrat voters will choose someone who has anger in their heart.

The last word, courtesy of Elizabeth, more government is good for you.


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