Yes, I preordered Don Jr’s book. Anytime I see him on TV I seem to whole heartedly agree with him. I am so impressed that I follow him on Instagram. He is closer to the truth than CNN, NPR, NYT and all their lackeys combined.

I think his book will be how the left was irrationally triggered by his father President Donald J Trump. Personally I do not agree totally with that premise. Though I will have to wait for the book to see if that is true. Personally I think I was more triggered than the liberals that I know were triggered. They haven’t changed, they have always been the way they are. We, the Deplorable Trumpkins finally just noticed what is the natural habit of my liberal friends. Of course it helped that they labeled as us such. Made us sit up and take notice and go huh?

Take that you snowflake. We really know now how to through an insult. Haha. You know what makes a snowflake unique? No two are alike.

Actually I am not a fan of politics, just a big wast of time in my view. Yes it is important, and we should stay informed. However my mind is pretty much made up.

So If Don Jr wants this web site, he can have it. My money says he has more important things to do with his time than to mess with a silly web site, so I probably continue to periodically ramble on here. It is what I do.



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