I AM A New York Liberal

Really, I am. Born in the burbs of the world’s greatest city you could not find a more liberal environment. When there was a national crisis, the church I went to would have its sermon broadcast on national TV. The alternative school I went to was on national TV. I even remember seeing the back of my head on network TV. I lived in an uber liberal world.

I did not pay a lot of attention, but I knew something was wrong. We had Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report magazines every week in the mail. Despite the incredible size of the world all three would always had the same person on the cover. The networks were the same way. I knew something was wrong when with all the stories in the world I kept on seeing the same story. They may have put their own spin on somthing, but it was still the same story. To top it off we read the book 1984 in school. There was indoctrination going on.

My heart was in the country, and eventually I moved. The town I moved to was ninety eight percent Republican. So I registered Republican I had no problem with that, politics did not mean that much to me.

The definition of liberal was to be generous, a liberal portion or helping was a good amount. To be conservative was to be stingy. It was the lexicon of the day. Life was a bit harder in the country. However the sky was blue and the grass was green. Life was good.

Yet, was I still a New York Liberal? It was such a long time ago, memories faded. Some of the worse memories were repressed. It was a land of long long ago and so far away. I guess the only thing I really remember was Kumbayah. Yes the lexicon of a liberal, it was so far away. I had become a simple gentle soul in a flannel shirt and a red cap living in a forgotten countryside.


Then came the man in the big jet with the red hat. I recognized him instantly, he was a New York liberal. Running as a Republican. I liked him instantly. Everything is a balance, not to much, or to little. I saw a balance between liberalism and conservatism. For the first time in my life I expressed a point of view, and became involved.

Where I saw a balance, others did not. I was absolutely amazed to have flashbacks of the horrors I had endured as a liberal. I did not recognize it at the time, it was just life. Setbacks were just explained as “That’s Life” no need to question, just move on. I had seen the signs, I just did not recognize them, I had simply moved on.

Politically what was a victory, had become a loss. A loss for liberalism. It is my belief that it had simply become inbred. I moved away before I became infected. Trump on the other hand was living in it, and is fighting it. Why? What else could be do. He loves his city. It was once the greatest city in the world. In the greatest country in the world. Inbred liberalism will destroy from within. It has so many times before. When you give it all away, you have nothing left.


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