George Floyd Timeline

The death of George Floyd has had a significant impact on American history. I thought I might recap a timeline of some of the events.

  • George Floyd was murdered Monday May 25th, 2020
  • Tuesday the 26th, a video of his death goes viral. Four police officers are fired, and I think they were also arrested. There are also protests in Minneapolis where he died.
  • Wednesday the 27th. During the launch of a manner SpaceX launch President Trump mentioned the death of George Floyd and said that justice will be served. This was the first I had heard of George Floyd. My wife had seen the video of his death, and was not happy about it. She said Trump was right to investigate.
  • The evening of May 27th, a Target store was set on fire, then a local police station. Protesting turned to rioting.
  • May 28th, widespread rioting in Minneapolis. Also the first death.
  • That weekend rioting goes nationwide. Some would call it protesting, but it was really rioting.
  • June 1st, evidence of the rioting being planed emerged. Preplacement of bricks and fire bombs for the “protesters”. 13 Biden campaign staffers donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that pays bail for “protesters”. The Freedom Fund quickly raises 20 million dollars.
  •  June 5th. During the preceding week four policemen and 13 others were killed during the rioting.
  • June 8th. Rioters have been vandalizing statues. Including a statue in Boston honoring former slaves that fought with the Union Army during the civil war. Miles and miles of city streets have been vandalized, burned, and boarded up in cities across the country. Hundreds of businesses have been destroyed. more jobs lost, and people’s ability to work and shop in their local neighborhoods have been lost.
  • Juneteenth. Juneteenth is declared a holiday in many places. In celebration many statues are torn down. Including statues of George Washington and Ulysses Grant.

Society has broken. Or is it being purposely destroyed?


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