A Most Improbable Story

I am writing about the Hunter Biden laptop. The story as presented seems impossible. Who would bring a laptop with incriminating evidence in for service and forget about it? Drug addled or not. The story seems impossible.

It could be argued that being such an impossibility would make the story un-newsworthy. Yet it is newsworthy because it comes straight from the top. The president’s lawyer. Then the contents, they define the essence of corruption. There is a reason people call D.C. the swamp. It is the nature the place. The laptop is just the definition of the essence, if it is real.

We must thank President Trump for this interesting piece of evidence. My first thought was he conjured the laptop up with help of the NSA. The NSA supposedly has access to every word we write. A power some say the Chinese also have. Such sorcery on his part would be an act that reproduces exactly what the president accused his predecessor of doing. Turnabout is fair play? The precedent has already been set. Anyway it would be sad if it was true. I would hope that we could be better than that.

Most people do not want their personal information out there. Anyone with anything to loose should be concerned about identity theft. The son of a vice president even more so. Hillary and company smashed their phones with hammers. Hunter must have been aware. Actually I would think his information would be encrypted. It would be foolhardy if it wasn’t. So maybe the Biden’s believed the information was safe because of encryption. They also probably knew that it was also illegal to destroy certain information on their devices. There is a reason some say “Lock her up”. So let’s not go there. So what to do?

How about doubling up the encryption, and bring the encrypted laptop to the repair shop and accidentally forgetting about it. After a bit of time the shop policy would be to wipe the drive and resell the device. Evidence gone! Sounds like a good plan. I would guess it has been used before.

I suspect the Beau Biden Foundation sticker affixed to the computer may have aroused interest. Yet the FBI was not interested. It is believed by some that a segment of the FBI is not loyal to the president. We wonder what they hide. Anyway the FBI did not seem interested. Yet common sense would say there would be something suspicious about an abandoned encrypted laptop from up high.

Maybe the president would be interested? I am sure he would say give it to my attorney. That would be legal on his part. Then his attorney would be able to find someone to decrypt the contents.

Frequently I downplay words as simple propaganda, yet words have meaning. I like writing, and wish I had more time to do so. I like give and take, and conversation if it has meaning. So it is time to end this one.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


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