Making Hay

Evidently making hay is a bad thing. Steve Colbert said something about making hay with Hunter Biden. Look, I make hay and it has nothing to do with politics. What are they talking about trying to make everything political? Since when is making hay an evil thing? What is wrong with these people? Or is it just the way I do it.

So I read that Hunter has brought millions to the Biden family from Bohai Harvest. Now I do not know what type of hay Bohai is. We just grow the type of hay that grows naturally. My brother planted a little Timothy thinking the horses that eat the hay would like it. I have no idea how Hunter makes millions from hay. DC must have some good hay. We only make a few hundred dollers.

We have some old farm equipment that we literally found on the side of the road that we then fixed up to process the hay. Making hay is a little like racing, we drive around in circles and things break. Then we fix things a drive in circles again till the hay is done. That is pretty much how we harvest the hay. We then sell the hay for $5 a bale to someone that has a horse rescue farm.

So I really do not know how to make many millions harvesting hay. Yet it seems it can be done. I guess that is why our next president Joe Biden said that his son Hunter “is the smartest man I know in a pure intellectual capacity”. I guess it is about his abilities to make hay. I will have to admit, if Hunter can make millions making hay he really is smart. Let’s just hope his customers are happy with the product.


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