Post Zombie Formalism Illustrated

The most intellectual man has done it again. There is a new way to to transfer wealth. Artwork. The way I understand Zombie Formalism in the art world is the art would simply seek to please the billionaire market. When a billionaire selected a piece of art, all art of that type would become more valuable. Who’s art is where in whom’s yacht would determine the market for that type of art. It is not about the art, it is the process.

The process is zombie like in it’s formality. Hence the name. Only the most wealthy determine the value of art. The art industry would follow along zombie like munching on the singular brain. The process of those who were not the buyers influencing the market had been eliminated. Museums would not feature new unknown artwork for arts sake. A critic would not find new art, or pan something that was a popular fad. To do so would be to be minimized, or worse. Art was curated to please just a few, innovation is now to please a almost singular atheistic. Because of that some feel art has become pathetic.

Welcome to the next revolution. Art as wealth. In a way art has always been a form of wealth. Beauty has been in the eyes of the beholders. Value has been subjective as any market has been. Yet art has always been a way to show wealth. Art collecting has been a form of status for showing wealth. Separate from politics, art has showed success. Now, that art has become political, art will be the path to success. Access to the intellectually superior minds may now be purchased in the form of art for the benefit of the purchaser. No FTC looking over your shoulder. Success in it’s pure and simple form. A trade deal for all to see. Interpret art as you see fit, a compilation of trade and wealth. Access to the yacht if you will.

It is my desire to create an image with simple words. Art in it’s own way. However in the end, money gets what it wants. We try to please.


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