The Hypersonic Bomb

They say Putin has the bomb, and it is hypersonic. That is why we are letting him do what he is doing. They said Sadam had the bomb too. He didn’t. I did not believe them then. I do not belive them now. That is my view of our unionized media. Leave our very own echo chamber and there is another story. We are being accused of ethnic genocide in Ukraine. We allegedly have dozens of secret biological warfare labs that we fund for research. It is for this reason that the Ukrainian people are being slaughtered. Personally I would need more proof than simple allegations. Yet there are probably millions of Russian and Chinese that believe these stories.

Our top politicians, on both sides, have had an inordinate interest in Ukrainian politics. Though now that I think about it, Paul Manofort was recommended to the Trump campaign by the mainstream. Manafort would bring gravitas to the campaign they said.. At the time I thought it was a sign of unity. Joe Biden was heavily involved in Ukrainian politics when he was Vice President. What are friends for?

When you expect the worst you will never be disappointed. I read that Putin is unafraid to use the bomb. Many expect him to use it. Conversely I read many stories comparing Putin and his supporters to Trump and his supporters. Trump Derangement Syndrome still reads its ugly head in our media. President Biden has been known to dish his own supporters if they do not agree with him, so when the media compares Putin to Trump, it is a bit unfair. Yet it has been done. I can imagine that if Joe was told there was a button that could eliminate Trump and his supporters, Joe would push it.

Fortunately people like Elon Musk have come to aid Ukraine. He is providing the Ukrainians with communication. I always had thought that the next big war would be digital. Guess I was wrong.

Things are only going to get worse before they get better. My only hope is the Russians take out Putin and replace him with someone more reasonable. We are a big beautiful world. It would be nice if we all got along. I can understand why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars. We are crazy down here.


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