What is a Bubba?

In my case it is a Grandpa, however I would define a Bubba as one who is tied, or connected to the earth. Bubba’s are stewards of the land, and what it produces.  Loggers, miners, farmers can all be Bubba’s. Bubba’s can be factory workers that turn raw materials into  finished products. Typically Bubba’s do not sit at desks and push papers, or electrons, however anything is possible.

The Donald is first and foremost a New Yorker. Typically, New Yorkers (The Big Apple variety) are not Bubba’s. So why would I give the Donald a pass, and honor him with the title of Bubba? First, he does a pretty good impersonation, second would be the sixteen golf courses. He must know a little about taking care of the land if he can successfully maintain sixteen golf courses.

/Typically I do not like labeling people, but what the heck, its my label. I have already heard much worse labels attached to the Donald.


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