How can we coexist when one of our neighbors is trying to kill us? That is the trillion dollar question.

There are times and places where coexistence in peace is the norm. Wisdom is what gets us there.

2 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. For 100 years, from the early 19th to the early 20th century the British empire and the Royal Navy policed a generally peaceful and prosperous world; but WWII changed all that and by the end of that war America had the power and presence to become the keepers of another century of prosperity but, after Truman and Eisenhower, we dropped the ball. Two generations ago the half dozen nations that really mattered came together in San Francisco to create an institution that had the potential to actually end war. We built them a handsome headquarters in New York where America could best lead them. Unfortunately, over the years we have allowed that institution to become a hodgepodge of tiny make-believe nations who send faux diplomats to New York and produce junk like last weeks “bacon is as bad as cigarettes” announcement from the World Health Organization. It may be too late for America to reassert it’s authority but it’s worth a try.

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  2. I am truly perplexed by the lack of action from the UN. Over twenty million refugees, and the destruction of a number of UNWSCO world heritage sites, and they are worried about climate change?
    The UN was heavily involved in the Kuwait and Iraq conflicts. That was not so long ago. Since then have they really decided that climate change is the cause of all wars?


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