Have some compassion for the Syrian refugee. He could quite possibly be a Christian, who has had his home and business destroyed by his neighbors, whom he once considered his friends. His wife and children may have been raped and murdered by  Islamic Extremists. He may not even know where his family is. He has lost all he knows and is now on the run. He is an intelligent and once successful human being who has lost all he has because of his success. If he manages to make it to these shores it will be because he has become sponsored by a church or a corporation that believes in him. He will work hard because he does not want to remember the past. He will pay taxes and be a benefit to society. He will not tell you his story unless asked, because it will be so hard for him to tell it. If you ask him who the father of the Islamic State is he will tell you Obama. If you ever have a chance to meet him you will be truly blessed, because you will realize how truly fortunate you are.


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