Convention Recap and Analysis

The conventions are over and almost forgotten. Hillary gained a couple of points in the polls when all was said and done. That is really a small gain when you consider the heaps of praise the media conferred upon Hillary and her party. As the media tried to outdo itself with the negativity towards the Republicans and Mr Trump a realization occurred to me.

A year from now people will be stunned that Hillary Clinton was actually leading in the polls at this time. Ask around and nobody would be willing to actually admit that they supported her, sure they say that about Trump now. However times change.

I have a thought challenge for something like a political science class. Take printed transcripts from comparable speeches of the two conventions. Do not identify the person or party, and ask for analysis and commentary.

These are the speeches that I would compare.

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

Donald Trump Jr and Bill Clinton

Sheriff David Clarke and Khizr Khan

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

Donald J Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Any other comparisons? If I had way to much free time it would be something that I would do.



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