Trump Gets It!

I along with millions of middle easterners believe that Obama and possibly others created the Islamic State. The Islamic State was birthed during President Obama’s trip to Afghanistan on May day 2012. Conception occurred in 2011 with the overthrow of Libya and Myanmar Gaddafi.

Donald J Trump gets it right. Now for the hard part, the reason. The reason the Islamic State was formed was to provide us with cheap fuel. This would ensure a good economy and Hillary’s election. That’s the good news.

The bad news is Hillary has aligned herself with the Saudis, and they would like the price of oil to go back up. This would require a two pronged attack. The first would be against the Islamic State oil pirates, and this would include the Iranians. The second prong would be against the U.S. oil production industry.

So the choice is rather simple, and it is about oil. The choice is yours.


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