Timothy Carson

Timothy Carson, my drinking buddy for decades, and my coworker. He was the best man at my only wedding, and helper in building my beautiful home. It is to him that I dedicate this blog.

Tim, an avowed Libertarian is directly responsible for my creation of this blog. For it is here where I write my thoughts that I would have discussed with him, be it over a tumbler of gin and tonic, or on the factory floor. We did not always agree, however we respected each other’s point of view.

Tim had a beautiful and brilliant mind, his brain possessed an incredible capacity for for facts and trivia, he was never wrong. I was frequently astounded by his knowledge.

When Tim was not being my buddy, or coworker he would volunteer for many worthwhile and caring organizations. Among the causes he volunteered for was for the care of the service dogs at ground zero.

I am forever indebted.


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