Trump Meeting

The Trump campaign had a county meeting. I really am curious, so I attended. Of course there were more people in attendance than during the primary. Surprisingly women outnumbered men two to one. The reason for the meeting was to promote the usage of a phone app so people could knock on doors. For those without smartphones they would print out directions.

Years ago I attended a few Democrat events, I was angling for a union job. Of course I was completely unsuccessful, but I did participate for a time. Ultimately I found the tone unsettling.

About the worst thing the ladies said about the Democrats was they did not like Maggie Hassens hair. I sat with two guys. One was concerned about the national debt, and the other was there to assemble campaign signs.

One lady was wearing a Hillary for Prison shirt. When she was sitting down all you could see was the top of the capital P, so it looked like she was wearing a Hillary for President shirt. When people saw the shirt there would be a gasp. Then the lady wearing the shirt would stand up, revealing the word prison. Then there would be laughter. Actually pretty tame stuff. Nothing like the media says. The oddest moment was when a former Hillary campaign worker, who now strongly supports Trump, asked if we had heard about the Civil War. Personally I couldn’t figure if she was talking about the past or the future. The collective response was pretty much, huh.

Myself, I took a few campaign signs. I am not into door knocking. The app that they were promoting directs the knocker to doors that have expressed interest in the Trump campaign. So it is certainly not cold knocking as it may be. At least that was my impression. Nope, I will not do any door knocking. Like Donald J Trump I will go my own way. I will just give Trump signs to people that express support for Donald Trump.

I will not tell people who to vote for, and I will certainly not tell people that they are stupid if the do not say they will vote for Donald Trump. I really and personally abhor that. Moreover I will not threaten or attack those that disagree. I’m simply am asserting my right of freedom of speech to say whom I support and will vote for.

These few words are for the half dozen people that read this. Since this website has been censored very few people read it. I have no idea who or why I have been censored. Or who reads it. I just get a number of viewers and a country of origin.


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