Frog Jumping Contest

A couple of kids entered the local frog jumping contest. Each child had a system that they were sure would succeed. The little boy had collected frogs from all over town, the little girl just walked around looking at the local ponds. The boy had set up a pool and and old bathtub in the backyard, and in them he kept his collection of frogs. Sometimes they would set up to croaking. The neighbor would call them the Congress and the Senate. The little girl would go to the library and get a book to read under the willow tree by one of the local ponds.

Every day the boy would take his frogs out and have frog jumping contests to see which of his frogs were the best of the best. Sometimes the girl would watch. One day the boy asked if the girl had a frog, she replied no, but she had a big beautiful pond. The boy said he had been in that pond and got the best frogs. He had the best frogs in town.

The morning of the competition the girl went down to the pond and scooped up her frog. She had watched the frogs and knew their habits. When she walked by the pond she would watch them jump. She knew the frogs and had brought her net.

When the boy brought his best frog, as far as the frog was concerned it was just another day in the tub. Only with more noise. The girls frog just wanted to get back to the pond, ASAP! Guess who got the ribbon?


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